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6 Ways To Prepare For Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Posted on January 6, 2023

1. Inventory Your Problem Areas

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, customers can forget to show their cleaner every area that needs to be cleaned. It happens all the time. The most pressing stains get the showcase and explanation, only for other problem areas to be completely forgotten about.

Save yourself from calling us back for another appointment by making sure you know exactly how many areas need to be cleaned. Steam cleaning services will be able to handle most minor stains, but other extreme stains will need deep cleaning.

2. Relay Parking Considerations

Sometimes a home or business has specific parking protocols. Perhaps there is a gate or a need to park in a driveway to avoid permit requirements for street parking. Is there only metered parking by the building? Just let your carpet cleaning technician know if there is anything they need to be aware of or anticipate before they leave their vehicle.

Sorting out these logistics before the appointment allows everything to go as smoothly as possible. Here at Supreme Carpet Cleaning, we know the more preparation, the fewer surprises. And the fewer the surprises, the faster service can be completed.

3. Rearranging Furniture

It is important that all large impediments are moved off of any area that you are looking to clean. For rug cleaning, you may be able to move the rug to a clear area of the home, but in most other instances, tables, chairs, couches, etc., should be moved away prior to the cleaning appointment.

Moving furniture is even a good idea if you are using an upholstery cleaning service. If you want every inch of the furniture upholstery to be cleaned, move the furniture away from the wall so that your cleaning technician will be able to access all three-hundred and sixty degrees of it.

4. Containing Pets

Cleaning can still be stressful for animals. They may not like the sounds of the machines or the presence of the technicians. Even if your pets are not fearful, their curiosity can slow things down or create cleaning hazards. It is a good idea to take them on a walk, kennel them, or otherwise have them out of the home or room that will be cleaned.

If you are using a reputable carpet cleaning service like Supreme, there is no need to worry about any harmful fumes or lasting chemical residue that will harm pets. However, they should not step on or lick wet areas as they dry, especially after deep cleaning.

5. Cleaning Clutter 

Besides the large items like furniture, there can be smaller bits of clutter in a room that cause issues for your cleaning technician. Whether it is children’s toys or dog beds, if it is on the floor that needs to be cleaned, then it should be placed somewhere else.

We understand that the time between calling for carpet cleaning and your appointment may allow enough time for clutter to build up. A final sweep of the area before the appointment should solve this.

6. Special Property Protection

You know your home and your property best. Perhaps you have a globe that is a family heirloom or a set of rare china Kewpie dolls that are irreplaceable. It is a good idea to do something extra to protect pieces of property that are more valuable or sentimental.

Anything you know is overly fragile or has a habit of getting knocked over or falling with a bit of floor movement is best moved away from the area being cleaned. Of course, the high-quality cleaning practices here at Supreme take pains to never damage anything during cleaning. But not all carpet cleaning companies care as much as us.

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