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Dryer Vent Cleaning

There is no better way to go about dryer vent cleaning in Long Beach than with Supreme. Our service is unmatched!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Long Beach

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

It’s easy to forget about your dryer vents when you’re not actively drying your clothes. Maybe you notice more lint than expected, or your clothes aren’t as dry as they usually are. You tell yourself you’ll have it checked out, but you don’t. All the while, danger mounts within your vents.

What type of danger is mounting in your dryer? Heat and lint. And those are the same as saying fire and kindling. But even without the risk of a dryer fire (which is a clear and ever-present danger), diminished dryer efficiency will be causing higher energy bills and longer wait times.

Don’t let disaster strike. Call Supreme Carpet Cleaning for dryer vent cleaning in Long Beach. We can get the lint out of your dryer vent before a fire starts. We know cleaning well enough to understand the risks and how to mitigate them. Call us today and schedule a same-day appointment.

How Dryer Vents Work

To understand why you need Long Beach dryer vent cleaning, first, you need to know how dryer vents work. The process that can make them dangerous is unavoidable. It is a natural part of how the vent is supposed to function. So it is only natural to need this type of cleaning service.

When your clothes dry, the vent is there to allow hot air to escape somewhere safe. But as you know, the drying process tends to produce a lot of lint. Plenty of this lint is light enough to be carried by the hot air but too heavy to entirely escape. Over time, this lint will build up in your vents. After a while, you’ll need Long Beach dryer vent cleaning.

Your lint trap can catch a good amount of this material, but not all of it. There will always be lint accumulating in your dryer vent. And with this vent clogged, the warm and moist air will be trapped in the dryer. Without being able to leave, the moisture will re-wet your clothing.

Why You Need Long Beach Dryer Vent Cleaning

That much lint sitting in one place is bad news. Any kind of fabric can be a fire hazard if accumulated in too great a quantity. And having that fabric be continually blasted by hot air isn’t great, either. Dryer vents are also often close to machinery and electricity, creating a disaster waiting to happen.

Dryer fires happen to several thousand homes every year. Many families don’t think to clean their dryer vents until it is too late. You need to keep an eye on your vents before this happens to you. You need Long Beach dryer vent cleaning, so call us today!

Don’t let your home become another statistic. Protect your property, yourself, and your loved ones from tragedy by being proactive with your dryer vent cleaning. This is ultimately going to lower your utility bills and make you a whole lot safer.

Call Us For Dryer Vent Cleaning In Long Beach

If you need Long Beach dryer vent cleaning, go with Supreme Carpet Cleaning. Don’t let the name fool you. We are the best dryer vent cleaning company in Long Beach. We offer same-day appointments, so you can get your dryer vents cleaned out today. We also have our expert Long Beach technicians and tools to get everything as clean as you need.

Don’t hire a lesser dryer vent cleaning service, and don’t try to do everything yourself. It is important that the full length of your dryer vent is completely cleared of all lint. You need tools that can travel that full distance and the knowledge of how to use these tools effectively.

We offer affordable cleaning done by experts that will eliminate the hazard your dryer vents pose. You don’t need to gamble on someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Trust us to do the job right. Call Supreme Carpet Cleaning in Long Beach today!


Why is my dryer vent full of water?

It sounds like your dryer vent is clogged with lint, preventing steam from escaping. Because condensation is taking place, there will be water vapor that is being moved through the vent as the air is expelled. If the water is building up, then you might have an issue with insulation or a clogged dryer vent.

Why does my dryer vent keep getting clogged with lint?

As hot air escapes the vent, it’ll carry some lint. You need to get this lint cleaned out at least once a year. Call us for dryer vent cleaning in Long Beach.

What happens when the lint trap is full?

A full lint trap will make the dryer less efficient and cause more lint to fill the vent. Just think that if the trap is full to the point where no other lint can be trapped in it, the lint has to go somewhere else. If the lint is not ending up back on your clothing, it is going to be in the vent.

Is dryer lint harmful to breathe?

Lint is not air, so it’s not great to be constantly breathing it. You might have allergy-like symptoms as a result of this type of polluted air. In general, you want to keep the amount of particulate matter in your air as low as possible.

When should you replace a dryer vent?

If your dryer isn’t drying well, it can be caused by a wide range of issues, including a dryer vent that needs to be replaced. It’s difficult to tell on your own whether the problem is solvable or you need a replacement, so call an expert.

How do you clean a dryer vent?

To clean a dryer vent, you need a tool that is smaller in diameter than the vent and at least slightly over half the length of the vent. If the tool is half the length of the vent, it will need to be fed into the duct from both sides to make sure everything is clear. But not any tool will do, you need a vacuum or negative air pressure machine to dislodge whatever is blocking the vent.

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