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5 Major Drawbacks Of Dirty Carpets

Posted on February 8, 2023

Maintaining a clean environment is crucial to keeping a clean and safe environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about your house, work office, small business storefront, or large commercial facility. Supreme Carpet Cleaning offers exclusive cleaning services to local residents who are looking to reinvigorate their lifestyle.

We started this company so we could help people and fulfill necessary needs in the community. Providing professional cleaning services at an affordable price was something we realized was an important need and one that needed to be addressed right away. Well, we decided to act immediately and launch Supreme for reliable carpet cleaning in Long Beach.

The main issue our company witnesses regularly is dirty carpets. There are varying degrees of what we would consider as dirty, but it’s a huge problem. Things like dust, dirt, and pollen attach to the fibers of your carpet, creating a plethora of issues. After speaking with our experienced Long Beach carpeting cleaning technicians, there are five major drawbacks of dirty carpets:

  1. Allergies
  2. Respiratory Issues
  3. Skin Rashes
  4. Pet Safety
  5. Poor Appearance

Each problem brings its own set of unique challenges, but Supreme Carpet Cleaning in Long Beach is equipped to handle all of them. Before we get into the list, let’s answer some questions and touch on a few helpful topics when it comes to dirty carpets. Also, be sure to keep in mind Supreme offers other services like rug cleaning and mattress cleaning too!


How do you clean dirty carpets?

Dirty carpets will plague any home, office, or commercial space. How you decide to address the problem is extremely important, and your next steps could save your carpets from permanent damage. Stains and smells can be difficult to remove without the right techniques and equipment. Luckily, Supreme has you covered for carpet cleaning in Long Beach.

Does steam cleaning work on dirty carpets?

Steam cleaning is an effective method that can be used on dirty carpets. Essentially, it combines the power of steam and eco-friendly cleaning products together for Long Beach carpet cleaning. Our technicians have mastered this technique and execute each step in the process to perfection. And the best part about steam cleaning carpet is it doesn’t leave your floors soaking wet!

Where can I get carpet cleaning in Long Beach?

Long Beach carpet cleaning is handled best when you contact Supreme for our routine services. We have the ability to address all of your concerns and problems swiftly and promptly. Why call anyone else? Everything you could possibly need is right in front of you! Supreme delivers quality service for an affordable price.

Will Supreme also cover my Long Beach upholstery cleaning?

A great perk of contacting us for carpet cleaning in Long Beach is that we also provide upholstery cleaning services. That means couches, ottomans, drapes, pillows, chairs, and cushions are eligible for a fresh clean! If it’s upholstered, we can clean it! Ask one of our technicians to add on upholstery cleaning when they arrive.

Is there a specific way to clean carpet stains?

Carpet stains come in different forms and colors, which dictates how they can be treated. It also depends on the type of carpet you’re dealing with. Certain colors clash with cleaning products, and the wrong combination could be catastrophic for your carpets. Supreme has the expertise and experience to use the correct blend of cleaning products on all carpet stains!

1. Allergies

Dirty carpets contain more than just dirt and stains – you have to be mindful of dust and pollen. These two irritants will drive you crazy if you’re someone who suffers from bad allergies. Dust and pollen cause constant stress on your sinuses, which leads to a runny nose, itchy eyes, and repetitive sneeze attacks.

Nobody wants to endure those side effects when the solution is staring you right in the face. Supreme will deploy its crew of talented Long Beach carpet cleaners to eliminate everything bothering your allergies. Dirty carpets are manageable if you take the time to treat the situation properly by seeking professional help.

2. Respiratory Issues

There are additional problems caused by dirty carpets other than allergies that inhibit your ability to breathe. The same dust and pollen that triggers your allergies are terrible for people with conditions like asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, and many more. Occasional vacuuming isn’t enough to rid your carpets of harmful materials.

A steady wave of professional carpet cleaning in Long Beach will reduce the chances of problems due to dirty carpets. We recommend scheduling an appointment once every few months to maintain a healthy and clean environment. As soon as our technicians finish, you’ll be able to notice a significant difference.

Carpet cleaning in Long Beach begins what we believe to be a sustainable way to improve air quality indoors. Your respiratory health deserves every advantage it can get, and if that means hiring professionals for carpet cleaning in Long Beach twice a year, it’s definitely worth it! Personal health improvements will enhance your livelihood in a multitude of ways.

3. Skin Rashes

Allergies and breathing issues aren’t the only side effects you need to be worried about. Some people have severe allergic reactions that cause skin rashes. Everyone’s body behaves differently, so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which type of rash you could encounter, but hives and dermatitis are common symptoms.

Dirty carpets don’t automatically cause skin rashes. That’s not fair to say. However, you can significantly lower the chances of contracting a rash when you call up Supreme’s Long Beach carpet cleaning services. Our bodies are connected with the environment we put ourselves in, so getting rid of bothersome substances can help solve the problem!

4. Pet Safety

Humans aren’t the only ones at risk of exposure to dirty carpets. Our pets walk, eat, run, and play on carpets all the time. That should be enough motivation to want to keep carpets clear of debris and dust. It’s what these lovable companions deserve, and Supreme is here to provide Long Beach carpet cleaning for your pets.

Carpet cleaning in Long Beach also acts as a maintenance tool for treating our pets. We all know that every once in a while, pets choose to relieve themselves on the carpet. Urine stains can potentially ruin your carpets permanently, forcing you to consider carpet replacement. That would be an expensive endeavor and one you can avoid with carpet cleaning in Long Beach.

5. Poor Appearance 

The final drawback of dirty carpets is their appearance. It just doesn’t look good when your carpets are messy and showing clear signs of dirt and other soils. You can’t have guests over or host family parties with dirty carpets. Supreme’s speedy Long Beach carpet cleaning service is ideal for these situations and will have your home or commercial carpets cleaned in no time!

Closing Thoughts

Dirty carpets pose a bunch of common problems that are annoying to deal with. Nobody likes suffering from allergies or getting skin rashes. At some point, you become exhausted from the side effects, and it puts a burden on your daily routine. Supreme Carpet Cleaning in Long Beach wants to help you mitigate these problems while improving your quality of life.

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