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Why Your Bathroom Grout Is Dirty & How To Clean It

Posted on March 8, 2023

Black and dirty grout in your bathroom is incredibly common and very difficult to avoid. Well, it’s not difficult so much as it’s impossible to avoid entirely. Chances are any given person’s bathroom grout is less than perfect and could benefit from a good cleaning.

There are a few reasons your bathroom grout looks blackened. Your mind might jump to mold, but it’s not necessarily that. It could be something much easier to fix. All in all, there are quite a few causes for black bathroom grout.

Causes Of Dirty Grout

First, you need to determine what’s causing your Long Beach bathroom’s grout to become dirty. That way, you’ll know how to properly deal with it and prevent it from happening as much in the future. Many of these causes have solutions in common, but it’s still best to determine exactly what’s happening.

1. Soap

Cleaning your tiles can make the grout dirtier.

No, really.

If you’re cleaning floor tiles, soapy and dirty water will wash off the tiles and go right into the grout. There, it’ll likely stay. The fact that grout is often in a recess makes cleaning it difficult.

On top of that, soap is much harder to wipe from grout than it is on tiles. Soap is sticky and attracts dirt, so if you don’t wipe it up properly, it makes your grout dirtier.

2. Dirt

One of the most common causes of dirty grout is, well… dirt. You rub off the dirt from your hands, feet, and shoes whenever you walk across your bathroom, and your shower will accumulate much of the dirt on your body every day.

This dirt can include several things – including skin flakes and dust mites, soil, and even bits of food you may have on your skin or feet. Pets also generate quite a lot of dirt from their fur and skin. And if you leave your window open, pollen and outdoor dust can create even more dirt.

3. Mold

Identifying mold is very important, as it can be dangerous, especially to those with allergies. One way to confirm its presence is to look at the circumstances in your Long Beach bathroom and whether or not they’re conducive to mold.

Poor ventilation is a risk factor for mold, so you’ll likely get mold if you have no bathroom fan (or never use yours) and your windows are never open. Mold comes from moisture, which bathrooms inherently have in spades. If your bathroom is incredibly wet after each shower, mold will grow. Finally, unsealed grout is more likely to grow mold.

There are other signs that what you’re looking at is mold. Water damage indicates you have a mold problem. If the surrounding area is discolored and soft, it’s likely moldy. And you should smell the must of any significant amounts of mold in your bathroom.

4. Other

Sometimes, other dirt and grime can get caught in your bathroom tiles.

For example, mildew, which is technically different from mold, can also appear in your grout. It’s powdery white but eventually turns brown. You can clean it with typical cleaning techniques.

Think about other things you bring into your bathroom and if they could also get caught in your grout. Remember, grout is recessed into the floor and walls while also being porous, so it traps things very easily.

Solutions To Dirty Grout

So, now that you know what’s causing your dirty grout, how do you fix it? There are a few potential solutions to your blackened grout, some of which are quick and easy, others of which are a bit trickier.

1. Cleaning

You can use several cleaning techniques to get general grime out. Try to do general cleaning like this at least once a week.

Use a stiff brush when cleaning grout, or carefully scrape your grout with a knife first. You can use baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and maybe even a grout brightener. Try not to use chemicals that are dangerous to grout.

Try to stay away from ammonia and bleach, as these can discolor your grout. Remember to wipe the grout with a cloth after mopping while it’s still wet.

2. Mold Prevention

Mold is a little trickier to clean and prevent, but it’s still possible.

Bleach and vinegar can both kill mold spores. Some prefer vinegar as a more natural and environmentally-friendly solution. Never mix the two, as this can cause toxic gas. And remember to use a lot of your cleaning solution, as you’re likely only seeing the surface-level mold.

After you shower, use a squeegee or towel to wipe down your grout. That way, the excess moisture won’t cause your mold to return.

Finally, a professional steam cleaning in Long Beach can eliminate your mold.

3. Long Beach Steam Cleaning

A professional Long Beach steam cleaning could clean all the grime in your tile grout. Mold, dirt, and other contaminants can all be eliminated after you get a proper steam cleaning service in Long Beach.

Our professional Long Beach Cleaning technicians could clean your tile grout for you wherever you are in Long Beach, from Torrance to Lakewood to Lomita. Call today to have cleaner tiles in no time.


How do you get black out of grout?

You can use any typical household cleaner and a stiff scrub brush for most black grout. For mold, you’ll need bleach or vinegar (but not both!) You could also hire a professional Long Beach steam cleaner to clean both.

How do I keep my bathroom grout from turning black?

Wiping it down after each cleaning should help prevent several causes of black grout. Try to clean at least once weekly.

Why does my grout keep turning black?

Mold can cause black grout, but it’s likely dirt from your feet, hands, and body.


You can’t have perfectly clean, white grout forever, but you canclean your dirty Long Beach grout. And if you’ll never totally avoid the grime in your tiles, you at least now know how to clean it all up when it gets out of control. You should also now understand the difference between harmful black mold and everyday dirt and can deal with either situation well.

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